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Maybe you're one of those unlucky people (like myself) who do not get Versus or TSN2 so you can't see all the games even with an NHL Center Ice package.

Or maybe your favourite team plays out of your market and you can't watch any of their games.

Before that, a source tells us they were seen chatting it up during the Ducks in Tux charity event in January.

Though Christina's rep told us the pair are "just friends," things could definitely work between them considering their similar situations.

We're also told she's attended several other games this season, too.

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Whatever the case may be, the ability to watch NHL hockey online comes in handy sometimes.

But before you get too ahead of yourself there are a few things you need to know about your potential boyfriend/girlfriend. Here is the Pro Hockey News guide to some of those burning questions that may crop up. A valid question and obviously not all hockey players are the same; however it is useful for you to accept that the car is not only a means of travelling but also a storage unit.

This includes 5ft sticks, spare shafts and in some cases for the injury prone, an emergency pair of crutches. That post game drink turns into a blossoming romance and as the hand strokes the face the expression changes. It has a number of descriptions but ‘glove hand’ sums it up best. Ice is cheaper the later it is used so many teams train late at night.

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star has been dating hockey player Nate Thompson for "about a month." She was at the game earlier this week with one of his buddies, cheering him on in the stands as his team took the win over the Edmonton Oilers.


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