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It goes everywhere with him and has his undivided attention.There was once a time that this was necessary for his work.With the click of a mouse, people can access all kinds of information.They can also communicate with other people from around the globe.If you weren't the one with more, of what could he take advantage? Control doesn't come with respect one won't result from the other, the two are basiy enemy-concepts. Why isn't he grateful/ what's with his leaving/fighting/drinking/breaking my rules? Which is just as well, considering I'm not sure you ever respected HIM, either. You're all rules (., hot air) and no substance; all principle and no praxis; all show, no go. You have problems with control, codependency, and (if I be so bold) self-loathing tendencies.- is coming, I believe the economy pick up, and even if you don't book charters there is bound to be landscaping work or odd jobs. Why I go to places where people lack character I don't know. You'll need to let her know that she's the most beautiful and sexy women in your eyes and that no matter what happens you'll never stop loving for her. If you aren't already, start showing your appreciation for her in lots of different way.Thing is, though he appear TO YOU to be the one with less power in the relationship the petulant one, the childish one, the one who can't handle his liquor HE's actually got all the power because you don't have any actual boundaries. I also think that tourism in your part of the world is going to pick up because people are vacationing closer to home. If the whole world was like it is in here, I'd shoot myself. Think about ways to make her life easier and more pleasurable. put "big butt" in the subject line so you don't get sifted. A little bit about me: For fun I enjoy thrift shopping, reading, the out doors, and trying new places and experiences to name a few. Beautiful Native woman at sexy men and Noble Saturday afternoon. You say he's the one with a record (Oh, but you don't judge. He's really rebelling against your pseudo-parenting/ rule-making fetish) His family loves YOU. You seem to yourself as being in the right, while you also yourself as being put out. Because you never told him the price of your generosity: Control. Even if your wife has thought/fantisized about fucking other men, there is still such a road to go.

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Can host or travel hey in sick one friday and go get a haircut. move into your place the next day it's your very own place. walk in there when there's nothing in the place and check out your new pad. get a couch, a matress and boxspring, then go to HEB and pick up some bathroom necessities like shampoo, toothbrush, etc. Business Entrepreneur Tall attractive white male business owner looking for attractive "girl friday." Needing gal to assist in my business and serve as personal asst. MFM being my favorite group activity, but definitely not opposed to FFM or any other group activity. Honestly after reading all your responses, it just sounds like you need waaaaay better communication. There are a lot of emotions and feelings that get stirred up when you go this route.

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