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I love traditional Mexican delicacies like mole poblano and tacos de lengua.

I love Americanized Tex-Mex, those ground beef burritos with melted cheese everywhere.

Except for that occasional visit, the old man saw no one else, since he did not have a vehicle and was cut off from the outside world.

It was a couple of years before I fully understood what I had witnessed.

Oscar’s distant relations, Oscar Kortico and Jose Mandinga, were slaves who rose against their masters to fight in Cuba’s 1868 war of independence.

Not once.) It was one of those formative moments in life where you just kind of leap and everything is new and scary but exciting and so you just story later…). I had never experienced a taco in a freshly made corn tortilla before.Zuckerbrot’s get-thin plan (otherwise known as the F-Factor) is nothing new.She prescribes a diet of high fiber and lean proteins, which less fashionable organizations like Weight Watchers have advised for years. Zuckerbrot and her comely staff of six women and two men are a living, breathing ad for her business.Tali Goldberg (grey dress), Sierra Winter (navy blue dress), Melissa Seidman (black dress), Rebecca Baer (purple top, black leggings), Kristy Wayner (purple skirt, grey top), Tanya Zuckerbrot (silver top, black skirt) It’s Friday morning at a sleek Midtown office, and a sharp-suited businessman is waiting his turn.Suddenly a door swings open and an enviably thin woman in a bustier, tight pants and 4-inch heels strides across the room to shake his hand.In an interview to mark the American publication of his autobiography, No Way Home, the Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta remarked that he didn’t read a book until he was 25.


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