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Despite her crude personality, Angelina believes that ladies are more attractive if they act innocent, naive, fragile, and cheerful, particularly around their lords; she had instilled this very concept into the young Elizabeth Midford.

Angelina's constantly fluctuating like and dislike for the color red corresponds to the events that occurred in her life.

See also Likes Older Men, Likes Older Women, Fille Fatale and Kidanova.

Possible ways this crush can work out is if the the kid becomes older or their crush becomes their age.

After the departure of long-time drummer Bob Bryar in March 2010, the band released their fourth studio album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, in November that same year, to positive reviews.

After the addition of touring keyboardist James Dewees in 2012 and the release of Conventional Weapons, a series of singles recorded in 2009, released over the course of five months, the band announced its break-up on March 22, 2013, one month after the final release in the Conventional Weapons series.

The Butcher is a subtrope where the nickname typically refers to the character's violent nature or dark acts.

Superhero Sobriquets is the superheroic counterpart to this trope.

Usually, nothing ever comes of it—at least not until the character in question is much older, and even then, it still might seem a bit Squicky to some.

She is regularly clad in red lipstick and clothing, which normally consists of a red skirt and matching waistcoat, a ruffled white blouse, a red hat, and black gloves. She initially hated her red hair that she inherited from her father, usually covering it up and keeping her bangs long in order to hide her face, until Vincent Phantomhive stated that he liked her hair, which he said reminded him of "red spider lilies in full bloom." After this, Angelina was no longer self-conscious of her red hair, cut her bangs and seemingly took pride in it (or saw it as what defines her) as she would later be always seen dressed in red.

In the past, Angelina was quite withdrawn and shy due to her red hair, which she was insecure about.

Sometimes a character is so badass that they don't have just a name.

They have their own nickname, one that is so badass that anyone who hears it will crap their pants in fear.


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