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She captioned the post: 'Yikes.' Disagreements between the two women began in 2007, before Remy was jailed for six years after being found guilty of assault for shooting a friend during an argument at a party.While Remy was locked up, she stated that she was supportive of Nicki and her success, but added that she was going to be a 'problem' to Minaj once she was released.Apple did not invent digital music, even though for many i Tunes embodies 21st century music buying.However, during the past 10 years, it has become the US' top music retailer, with customers currently downloading 15,000 songs per minute from the app's library of 26 million songs, according to an Apple spokesperson. I had a pile of files I needed to rename (about 3000) and I was going through them by hand for a few minutes before I decided to see if there's any find and replace programs on the net. Tried your program on 289 world area html files that I wanted to have the prefix wa. With your preview feature, I got it right the first time, especially since your utility is so intuitive (instructions? I had looked at other renamers when I needed such a program and even tried a few. Then i went into expert: well you wrote the program so you know what I saw. Your program saved me from a ton of work which I might not have goten done before I left for the desert. I've been looking for a tool like this for ever, and wasn't willing to run Linux just to get my hands on a perl script that could do it from a Unix shell... Thank you for not only making this, but for making it work so well.""Great program!!!

As a symbolic milestone, the i Tunes anniversary encourages reflection on the past, a survey of the present and predictions of the future.

When I first ran it and it was in 'beginner' mode I thought, hey this thing looks pretty good, lots of options etc. I'm in the Air Force and heading out to Kuwait in 3 days. Then i found out i sorta screwed the pooch on the names for my new Expanium player.

And if you don't fancy leaving the comfort of your own sofa, try our lists of the best sci-fi movies and the best films on Netflix UK.

Remy was released from prison in 2014 after serving six years.

Only used it once but seems to be able to do everyting I've been missing in renaming files with windows. Our IT folks told us there was no way to electronic change the file names (I think they just didn't want to try). needless to say, I got the job done in about 5 minutes! The instant preview is a Godsend and the undo feature is truly inspired (and very comforting knowing that you can screw up and then 'Cntrl - Z' it.)... I especially love the preview of new filename, saves me a lot of time by making sure I get it right the first time.""I have tried several other 'renamers' available.


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